CRVSADES recently finished recording our second LP, entitled Perhaps You Deliver this Judgment with Greater Fear than I Receive It. Thematically, it’s a meditation on the life of philosopher, heretic and antichristian martyr Giordano Bruno as an archetype for the modern atheist, freethinker, artist, poet and lover.

The album was recorded with Mike Bond at Pebble Studios (the same venue in which we recorded the Parables EP) and is currently being mixed at Mike’s new compound, The Bond Cave. Artwork will once again be handled by me (Dave).

The record is slated to drop in late Summer/early Autumn and will be our first for No Idea RecordsWith a roster that’s been home to so many of our direct influences - from Radon/Spoke to Left For Dead/The Swarm to Hot Water Music/Small Brown Bike to Annalise/Leatherface ( …not to mention Crimpshrine, Acrid, Crass, The Holy Mountain, Crucible, Strike Anywhere, Ampere, Young Livers, Against Me, and beyond… ) - we can’t think of a more perfect fit for CRVSADES and couldn’t be more honoured to have such a great label & great people slap their stressface on our record.



On a personal note, I’d like to acknowledge the recent passing of SLAYER's Jeff Hanneman.

Without a doubt, none of my musical output would be what it is without Jeff’s influence, and I was genuinely saddened to learn that he’s now gone, at only 49 years old. Jeff’s incredibly unique grasp of melody, speed, dissonance and atmosphere left an indelible mark on me at a very young age, as I know it did countless others, and in some small way, this new record (and all of those before it, really - find the SLAYER lyrics in CRVSADES’ “Remedy”… ) goes out to him & everyone he absolutely fucking rattled with his brilliance.

Born of fire,


Oh ya… and see you at this year’s FEST!